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Services overview


We provide extra care when stripping your roof. We make sure to not damage the underlying structure and our performance adheres to the highest quality of standards in the industry.


Complete roof removal. We will take the time to remove your roof in a timely and efficient manner. This will result in a higher quality reroof.


We work with the insurance companies so you dont have to. We make sure that insurance companies pay 100 percent to the owners for our replacements.

Roof Certifications

Often an old client or a new client needs roofing certification to close a real estate transaction. We provide certification and inspection for such requests. As well as insurance inspections, fire damage inspections and roofing system evaluation.


Watershed and its affiliated companies have installed many commercial roofs. These include modified, EPDM, ballasted and others. Commercial roofing demands a high degree of professionalism and specific concerns about the clients work schedule, avoiding production interruptions. Our credo: "The Job is the Boss" is proven time and time again on commercial projects.


Residential is a niche and a core business for Watershed. We take special caution to monitor the clients landscaping, proximity of neighboring structures, prompt and daily removal of waste, magnetizing the lawn to remove stray fasteners repairing structural damage, informing the owner of any special concerns and completing most projects within a few hours.